David Rice (desertphile) wrote in sscientology,
David Rice

Scientology Comforts Me

From: "Noesis" <xenushammer@yahoo.com>
Subject: Scientology Comforts Me
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 23:19:16 -0400
Message-ID: <4363e192a919fbccf30add1e661d70d8@localhost.talkaboutreligion.com>

When the bad times come, and I'm feelin' blue, feeling ineffective, or like I could have done something better, when I'm thinking life sucks or worrying that I've not reached my full intellectual potential, I come here and read the babbling Sci-borgs and realize how much worse it could be.

At least I'm not a paranoid schizophrenic with multiple personality disorder and delusions of a godlike former life that believes clusters of aliens are sticking to me and making me flucnk my DMV exam. At least I don't think the way to Nirvana is to spend my last dime and the next dime I don't have to pay someone whose day job is selling vinyl siding to measure my palm sweat while inquiring into my tragic past life as a barnacle.

Thank you to the whole cast of now and future jobless, mindless and homeless mental patients who post here for CoS. No matter how bad things may get, you remind me how much worse it could be had I ever become so emotionally unstable and weak-minded as to fall prey to and actually become a true believer in the silliest, most asinine, most transparently fraudulent Ponzi scheme ever hatched.

Dear Sciborgs, you're uncanny Thetan ability to go through life with cranial rectumitis so severe you have to read this page through the gap between your front teeth-----well it just warms my heart to know that no matter how low life may bring me, I can still scrape away the whale excrement I'm standing on and find you in the muck below, spamming away with your infantile and ineffective slander and character assasination, making your enemies look good simply because you lowlifes are on the attack. We can only hope that those hours you spend as a human electrical jumper will destroy your reproductive organs as well as your brains.
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